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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 14:56

Annex No. 1 to the
an open letter PSPR
No. 76, from 10.06.2011.

Company executives


Invitation to conversation (draft)

Dear colleagues,

On our site (Professional Union of programmers of Russia) under "Articles" and "References" we plan to open sections for you and because we have common interests, and because we respect you, but most importantly, because we love you sincerely.

Magazine devoted to the PJC will be called "Defense technology of the 21st century" and hopefully seamlessly becomes a regularly published magazine (online magazine, and will be followed and the paper edition, and version on CD-ROM).

Group links on your topics featured on our site is called "the pride of Russia \ PJC", and then we will develop this section taking into account your wishes.

What is the novelty of our proposal?

That you'll manage all these information resources, Editorial Board, commercial company, not a specific Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov — and you. It is your and only your playground. Our role is modest, we will (and have already begun to do so) to propose the concept of these information resources, ideas and help in their technical implementation, help a friendly and professional expertise of incoming material (it is unacceptable that our journal has become the usual leaflet each publication must be and phenomenon, and event).

"What's it worth?"-and, as always, to make. What it will cost, it would be strange if the Professional Union, much less still and popularized the idea of a free labour Union. But now, at the beginning of our joint project let us they will go without the price-list and try to agree on conscience. Bigger and better we'll be working, so a big load will fall on your conscience. While this arrangement suits us, especially since you have this battle and they hardly give us resentment on consideration of our corporate ethics Association.

"Why do you have your profile information materials on the site?" is not. If someone suddenly become such an issue, it will hurt us deeply.

This is our "playground" Neprofil′naâ?!

Yes this is modern arms at 80% a product of the newest information technologies and taking into account all stages of its life cycle (design, modeling, managing business cycle and production cycles (management information system and PROCESS CONTROL), EVC (after selling services), ILP (integrated logistic support), advertising, promotion, including the Internet), we are 90% full with your colleagues.

Yes, if it weren't for one thing.

Both you and us are close and understandable problems on which the gosuzakupkah share-the-art weaponry is so far the amount that is. And reverse this situation, our common task, a priority for us is "0" means no solving, the core task for us is to create new high tech jobs. No, no, nor will we have other more pressing tasks, except that it just adequate pay for highly skilled labour. And are these two tasks you can think of "strangers", exclusively our headache? (A) training? (A) retraining? Is it not our overall objectives with you?

Strange is that we combine our resources, it is strange that we do this so late and so far anyway, without full State support.

Moreover, this is not only our project, which we run this year. Will have at least 3 of the draft, which we more analysis:

  • establishment of an international interbank investment Bureau with Russian segments represented by OJSC «RosInvestProekt». The project is designed to address financing innovative investment projects through the implementation of the project financing (financing without collateral under future cash flow (the future Cash flow));
  • Auction ideas (sale of intangible assets at any stage of the life cycle: from ideas to prototypes. Furthermore, this project aims to raise the capitalisation of enterprises by a change in accounting policy: what used to cost R & D, the write-off will be counted and estimated capital and there is a problem we must tackle together: that would buy something you need to sell, something desired by the appropriate authority Or us one.nor you one alone will not solve this problem, given the prevailing traditions in policy sales high technology products).
  • IT boarding school (training and retraining of workers for highly technological specialties including: IT, Internet technology, communications, business consulting, analytics, ILP)
A few words about our editorial policy.

First, we have said, we believe that unlike the existing advertising sites, our site shall be your first: you must be not only advertisers and customers, but also editors information policy. As you evaluate who published material.

Secondly, we propose to our resource on not wars of the 20th century (as is known, usually military preparing for past wars, and policy-the past elections), and next-generation wars, which is inconceivable without an operational information communication fields. We offer on our site and to discuss, and promote the most advanced, most new ideas, concepts and products involving under us scientific and engineering staff. By the way, when our Web site, go to "group" projects NovT. We are sure that our (and in this context it means "Russian", because we are a Trade Union) projects you will not leave indifferent.

Third, counting on your professionalism in appraisal of published material, we expect to publish on our site, means that there is a "quality mark" has described products, approach or concept. Like that each issue of our magazine became the event in a professional environment.

Fourthly, we wish that we had on our site directly and honestly discuss our problems. And we will do it right now. There is a growing tendency to use and the Products of foreign dutiable components where there are or may be developed by Russian counterparts. It is clear that this is not a good life, and because you are experiencing pressure from potential customers who sometimes vykručivaâ hands, forced to counter purchase electronic components and software. We haven't vykručivaem, and even more so, love and respect, both for what you give us without a fight? And "povoevat′"? Or our industry you already cancelled definitively. Note, and here it is, in this industry work and expect to work with your children and grandchildren, children and grandchildren of your friends and colleagues. And okay to even came something truly unique, and yet, for example, there are on this list and aircraft simulators to our aircraft. This is the gate go?!

Yet here, in part, let's back up a specific, because we can and want to say it takes time, inter alia, to translate the language where we think this problem into Russian literature. So, for example, we commit ourselves to talk about the consequences resulting from such policies. In particular, on our website has posted an article about fighting viruses and other with ultramodern "nečesti" OK, that is exported, but also PAID for the supposedly indispensable components. This publication does not review analyst, but the result of our many years RESEARCH, i.e. pure architectural material, based on the study, however, so far isolated in public space (who do not believe, however, so far from the will of those who "in the subject"-no one objected).

And what is most striking is that in their home country, we are surrounded by b′ëmsâ: you are, we ourselves. Lack Of Order. What in fact it came vysopostavlennye: allow yourself some officials publicly advertise products of foreign companies, calling for its massive total procurement notice: in the area directly related to the critical national security issues.

Note that in a number of democratic countries, only one such statement is necessary and sufficient cause for dismissal. And put in one such case, we were able to work together to achieve the same and we have known, albeit incurring a loss. And here it is where the benefits of cooperation with trade unions: our law (Federal Law No. 10 "on trade unions") expressly gives us the right to demand termination of civil servant of any rank. Can you and there is a problem communicating with our colleagues on the labour front, but we just don't have them, "Eagle Eagle eye not vyklûet».

If you counter "words" in relation to IT-išnikam? There Are. How not to be. And heard and oppose, and agree, but only with reservations. And this too must be honestly talk to each other, donesâ and their questions, and suggestions.

Any information resource implies not only "online" (work in the information area), but also "offline (real world in the physical world). There are conferences, round tables and other formal events that we are separate.

We offer to meet in an extremely informal atmosphere "without ties", but then that would talk, and to negotiate and adopt a coherent position, then we will speak with our information possible, and promote, through its years developed and channels. The first such meeting propose in August and September on Lake Baikal and the other in the new year holidays, ibid. There are other suggestions, let us discuss.

The main thing we wanted to write this open letter is that it is time we understood what unites the strength of each of us.

We (it) exist in two aspects: does IT as an independent branch with their export potential and financial flows, have IT as an infrastructure industry, which is any other highly technological industry. In the first version there is not much common ground, but they've got, but the second we (it) you don't tear, we in the "new" economy in the 21st century, unified whole. Realizing this, let's build our relationship and will all systems planning: operational, tactical and strategic.

That's behind this too, we need a common information platform on which the huge letters will write a OPK: IT + = Love.

And still would not forget to discuss major investment component: the fate of our export earnings in our collaborative IT sector. Simply put, our General factory of modern electronic components build going?


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